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The Law Office of Julian J. Poota, PLLC in Michigan provides legal assistance for those implicated in domestic violence charges throughout metro Detroit and the State of Michigan. We understand the high-stakes nature of these allegations and the potential impact they hold on a person’s reputation, freedom, and future. Our skilled team is dedicated to defending your rights while maintaining a relationship built on respect, clear communication, and strong legal representation. We navigate the intricacies of domestic violence law with sound strategic planning, ensuring your side of the story is heard in court. To further discuss your circumstances and legal options, The Law Office of Julian J. Poota invites you to leverage our Free Consultation service. Reach out to us at (888) 399-7979. Remember, we are here to champion your cause, navigating the path of legal complexity towards a resolution that respects your best interests.

Definition of Domestic Violence

Located in the center of metro Detroit, our law firm is well-versed in handling cases pertaining to domestic violence. Navigating the complex terrain of such cases requires a legal team that is not only familiar with Michigan’s specific statutes but can also effectively communicate and counsel clients through each stage of proceedings, which could be intensely emotional and stressful.

Michigan law defines domestic violence as a pattern of learned behavior in which one person uses physical, sexual, and emotional abuse to control another person. The key component is the existence of an intimate relationship between the perpetrator and the victim. Michigan Penal Code Section 750.81 covers assault and domestic assault laws in the state, spelling out the components required to prove such charges. It is essential to understand that Michigan takes allegations of domestic violence very seriously.

Our legal team is profoundly sensitive to the unique nature of these cases, providing our clients with a blend of compassionate counseling and aggressive defense. We passionately advocate for our clients’ rights, working tirelessly to ensure the best possible outcome within the constraints of the law. Remember, each case is unique, and it’s never a one-size-fits-all strategy. Consequently, individual strategy and a personalized approach for each client is our way forward. Clients who trust us with their defense can have peace of mind knowing we have a wealth of experience and knowledge, constantly staying ahead of ever-changing legal trends and amendments.

Example of Domestic Violence

Located in Michigan, our law firm is committed to providing comprehensive legal representation for individuals who find themselves navigating the complexities of the criminal justice system. More specifically, those embroiled in accusations or charges of domestic violence.

Imagine this hypothetical scenario: An individual, let’s name him David—a nine-to-fiver with a stable job and a loving family—found himself entangled in a heated argument with his spouse one evening. In a moment of anger, he pushed her, causing her to trip over a piece of furniture. Although no physical injuries manifested, the push was observed by their teenage daughter. This resulted in the spouse contacting the police, leading to David’s arrest.

Although it may not feel like it, David has options. Navigating the convoluted matrix of domestic violence laws in Michigan demands a firm understanding of the legal landscape, something our law firm has been passionately involved in for years. It’s our practice to stand alongside clients like David, proving that everyday people can, unfortunately, find themselves in harsh circumstances when tensions flare and emotions overrun logic. Our mission is to ensure that their rights are profoundly defended.

In this context, our onus is to transform what might seem like insurmountable situations into manageable legal matters. Through thorough examination of the details involved in accusations of domestic violence, we aim to construct strong defense strategies that present our client’s side of the story, highlighting the human element inherent in every legal dispute. The focus is to provide a competitive edge in court, fervently advocating for our clients’ interests every step of the way.

Our top rated Michigan domestic violence attorney passionately represents those who find themselves entangled in complex domestic violence-related circumstances. The vigor of our representation stems from our understanding that every scenario is exceptional and requires personalized attention. This is a broad field, and Michigan law recognizes several crimes that can relate to domestic violence:

  • Assault: This typically involves an attempt or threat to injure another person, leaving them reasonably fearful for their safety. Sentencing differs depending on the severity of the assault.
  • Battery: Unlike an assault, battery involves the actual physical contact and harm to an individual. Penalties may range from fines to long-term imprisonment.
  • Stalking: This is viewed as repetitive, unwanted contact aimed at intimidating or causing fear to another person; charges depend on the severity and the victim’s perception of the stalking.
  • Child Abuse: Inflicting physical or emotional harm to a child, this charge can lead to considerable penalties, including mandatory education classes and even lost custody.
  • Criminal Sexual Conduct: These are serious charges, potentially leading to prison time, fines, or even registration as a sex offender.

Domestic violence-related charges can bear significant consequences. Our firm is dedicated to scrutinizing the legality surrounding your situation, presenting a comprehensive defense that considers your unique case. Rest assured, we steadfastly stand by all those who seek assistance, equipping them with compelling representation.

Defenses to Domestic Violence

If you face a domestic violence charge in the state of Michigan, numerous defenses may come into play. Here at our Detroit based law firm, we strive to provide comprehensive, efficient and persuasive defenses. We firmly believe that each case demands a personalized approach.

  • Self-Defense: Michigan law recognizes the right to use reasonable force to protect oneself from imminent harm. If you were acting to guard your own safety against a threat or perceived threat, ‘self-defense’ might be a successful strategy.
  • Defense of Others: Similarly, you might have used force to protect another person in danger. If you had genuine, reasonable concerns for their safety, such a defense could be valid.
  • Lack of intent: Domestic violence charges often hinge on the intent factor. Did you intentionally cause physical harm or emotional distress? If we can establish that the act wasn’t deliberate , this can be a potential defense strategy.
  • False Accusation: Unfortunately, domestic violence charges can sometimes be wrongfully used as a strategy in divorce, custody battles, or personal disputes. If you were falsely accused, assembling purposes and a comprehensive defense is essential.
  • Alibi: If you have evidence or verifiable testimony that you were elsewhere when the alleged incident took place, an alibi defense may be valid.

We understand that each situation is unique and the implications of a domestic violence charge run deep. Our law firm endeavors to represent you with unwavering dedication, providing a tailored defensive strategy based on your specific circumstances. Aiming for the most favorable resolution for our clients, we draw upon a wealth of experience when navigating the complex landscape of Michigan’s domestic violence laws.

Penalties for Domestic Violence

Our Michigan domestic violence attorney understands the challenges that those accused of domestic violence face under the Michigan legal system. Domestic violence offenses carry serious potential consequences, impacting various aspects of an individual’s life, both personally and publicly. In Michigan, such offenses are most often considered misdemeanors, which may result in a period of imprisonment not exceeding 93 days along with a fine not surpassing $500 for first-time offenders. However, repeat offenders might face more severe repercussions: charges could escalate to a felony, with up to 5 years in prison, and fines of up to $5000.

Several factors may elevate the severity of penalties, such as the relationship between involved parties, the occurrence of injuries, use of weapons, violating existing protective orders, or prior convictions. Our law firm is committed to defending individuals faced with such allegations, committed to helping navigate the complexities of the legal process with care and strategic foresight.

Please bear in mind that this fundamental information doesn’t constitute legal advice. The law is intricate, subject to changes, and the outcome of a specific case frequently hinges on specific circumstances. Rest assured, our law firm stands ready to defend your rights. With decades of collective experience, we have a deep knowledge of Michigan’s domestic violence laws. Our attorneys will guide you meticulously, detailing your options, potential strategies, heading into legal considerations you may not foresee. With us by your side, rest assured that you will receive dedicated, thorough defense representation.

Sentencing Enhancements Based on Domestic Violence

At our highly rated Michigan domestic violence firm, we understand the gravity and specificity of domestic violence charges under the Michigan law. These allegations can not only have immediate effects but also pose serious long-term consequences. Navigating the complex web of state laws and sentencing enhancements related to these charges requires profound legal knowledge – that’s where our team steps in.

Assisting criminal defendants facing domestic violence or abuse allegations is a key part of our practice. In Michigan, certain crimes may carry enhanced sentences when coupled with the element of domestic violence or abuse. Such charges include but are not limited to assault and battery, aggravated assault, and stalking. If domestic violence or abuse is proven, the defendant could face more severe sentencing enhancements including mandatory jail time, hefty fines, mandatory counseling, or even revocation of the right to possess firearms.

Our team meticulously assesses each case’s unique attributes, creating robust defense strategies aimed at mitigating potential sentencing enhancements. Our attorneys understand the hurdles a criminal defendant can encounter when accused of such crimes. Rest assured, we will vigorously protect your rights, aiming to reduce or even dismiss the charges you face.

Don’t let the burden of domestic violence charges affect you without seeking appropriate legal guidance. Reach out to us today to understand how we can partner with you in this arduous journey. We pride ourselves in providing compassionate yet diligent services making your arduous journey bearable. Let our seasoned attorneys negotiate this bewildering landscape while ensuring your rights and interests are ardently upheld.

Remember, you are not alone in this. Together, we can make a difference.

Ready to Battle the Prosecution for You

Facing domestic violence charges in Michigan can be an emotionally draining and frightening experience. At The Law Office of Julian J. Poota, we stand ready to fight for you. Our top rated domestic violence attorney is deeply familiar with these cases and how they are handled in our court system. We don’t shy away from going to trial and battling the prosecution on your behalf. Our record of successfully representing clients charged with domestic violence speaks volumes about our willingness to go above and beyond to protect your reputation and your freedom. We realize that each case is unique, and so we develop a customized defense suitable to each client’s specific situation. If you or a loved one are embroiled in such an arduous situation, reach out to us for a Free Consultation. We are here when you need knowledgeable, compassionate and persistent legal representation. We can be reach at 888-399-7979.


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