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Warren, Michigan Weapons Charges Lawyer

Weapons charges encompass a wide array of offenses related to the possession, use, or distribution of firearms, knives, explosives, and other dangerous weapons. These charges are treated with utmost seriousness within the legal system, given their potential to cause harm to individuals and communities. Depending on the specifics of the offense, penalties for weapons charges may include fines, incarceration, probation, and the forfeiture of firearm possession rights. Effectively defending against weapons charges demands a comprehensive grasp of firearms laws and strategic legal acumen to navigate the intricacies of the criminal justice system. A proficient attorney can offer invaluable guidance and representation to individuals facing weapons charges, striving to safeguard their rights and secure the most favorable outcome possible for their case.

Weapon charges include but are not limited to the following:

  • Carrying a concealed weapon (CCW)
  • Felon in possession
  • Felonious assault (assault with a dangerous weapon)
  • Felony Firearm (possession of a firearm while committing any felony)
  • Airport weapons violations
  • Carrying a concealed weapon with an expired CPL license
  • Possession of a firearm while intoxicated
  • Unlawful discharge of a firearm
  • Pointing or aiming a firearm
  • Brandishing a firearm in public
  • Possession of armor piercing ammunition or bullets
  • Possession of a short barreled (or sawed off) shotgun or rifle
  • Possession of a machine gun or semi-automatic firearm
  • Possession of explosives, toxins, or chemicals
  • Possession of metallic (brass) knuckles
  • Possession of a taser gun, stun gun, muffler, or silencer
  • Possession of a dagger, dirk, stiletto, or double edged knife
  • Unlawful manufacturing, sale, or distribution of firearms

Irrespective of the particular weapons offense you’re facing, our attorney at the Law Office of Julian J. Poota, PLLC, is thoroughly prepared to adeptly handle your case and achieve the optimal outcome. Charges related to weapons hold considerable gravity within the legal framework, highlighting the importance of proficient legal representation to pursue the reduction or dismissal of charges. You can rely on our attorney to confront this challenge with resolute determination and expertise.

Defense Strategies for Weapons Charges in Warren, MI

In Michigan, firearm charges may have the possibility of being reduced or dismissed based on your attorney’s comprehension of defense strategies and legal intricacies. Elements such as the firearm’s condition, whether it was loaded, its intended purpose (such as for hunting), the intent behind its possession, and where it was discovered can significantly influence your case. Our attorney adeptly integrates these defenses, crafting a persuasive argument to support the rationale for reducing or dismissing your charges.

Weapons Charges Attorney for the 37th District Court

The 37th District Court is located at 8300 Common Rd, Warren, MI 48093

The 37th District Court judges are:

 Honorable John Chmura

Honorable Suzanne Faunce

Honorable Matthew P. Sabaugh

Honorable Michael C. Chupa


Julian did an amazing job handling my case. He ensured to have the possible outcome for me. He was also always available to answer all of my questions/concerns, and was able to answer everything effectively.

L. Landeros

Very professional. Met with me the same day I contacted the office. Went to court the following day and my case was dismissed. Don’t hesitate to contact him for help. Highly recommended thank u so much for your...

J. Bandia

It was a pleasure to have Mr. Poota as our representative. From the time we meet till the end of our case, he was there every step of the way guiding us and making sure our rights were protected and presented...

N. DeCesare

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